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Volume 27
No. 3 - Awl Cases, Scottish Traders, Osceola, Comanche-1900 photos, Cherokee legend, Southern Cheyenne Moccasins
No. 4 - Old-time Crow bustle, Southeastern Gourds, Rain-in-the-Face, Cheyenne Moccasins, Sioux painted robe, Tipi Etiquette.
No. 4 - Fully Beaded Sioux Dress yokes, Traditional Crow outfits, Plains quirts & whips.
No. 5 - Birch Bark Baskets, Irregularities in Sioux beadwork, Jingle Dresses, Gourd Dance, 19th Century Plains Tipis, Kiowa Men's Moccasins, Dakota Tipi Bag, Arts & Crafts Act of 1990.
No. 6 - Tack decoration, National Powwow 10, Parfleche Box, Athaspaskan moccasins & belt, Flag in American Indian Art.
No. 2 - Fancy Dance bustles, Lakota terms for dance costumes, Fancy Dancer beadwork, Cheyenne Women's moccasins.
No. 2 - Tipi Tinklers (quilled wind chimes), Bannock photos, Turtle Rattle, Jessie Nighthawk, Northern singing traditions, Iowa moccasins, Northern Plains war shirt, Cheyenne pipe bag.
No. 6 - Beaded Satchels, Photos essay of shirts in the MAI collection "Beauty, Honor, and Tradition", 19th century Arikara grass dancers at Fort Berthold, children's craft projects (claw necklace and key ring project), "Indian Time", Women's Traditional Powoww Fashions 2000, comparison of Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa moccasins.
No. 3 - Kiowa Woman's Battle Dress, Winnebago woman's hair tie, Men's bone breastplate, Cheyenee style fully beaded knife case, PowwowFashions: Mesa Powwow, women's beaded headbands, Cradle Kachina dolls, Musician Tommy Wildcat.
No. 6 - Central Plains Saddle Blankets, Jingle Dance of the Assiniboine Sioux, Porky quill earrings, National Powwow 12 Crafts, Tipi, dancers, Native American Music Awards.
No. 1 - Baskets of the Northeast, Woodsplint Baskets, Buffalo Jumps, Ft Berthohd leaders (historical photos), hand drum sticks, Cheyenne style knife case, Micki Free.
No. 2 - Mandan Headdress, Quilled Kaw moccasins, Anchoring your tipi, Traditional men's anklets, Whistles at Northern powwows, Historical photos of American Indian baseball, PowwowFashions at Delaware Powwow 2002, Sioux style moccasins.
No. 3 - Beaded Saddle, Algonquian Influence on Powwow Culture, Chinook in 19th Century Japan, Western Apache Minature Cradles, Crow Leaders-1859, Fringing a Shawl, Arapaho Style Paint Bag, Star Nayea
No. 4 - Flat Fans with gourd stitch tecnique, Head & Tail Fans (historical photos), Dreamcatcher earrings, Upper Missouri knife sheath, Treaty Making, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Native American village, Indian Arts & Crafts Final Rules.
No. 6 - Making a Cheyenee style Knife Sheath, Kiowa Battle Tipi, Bead & Hairpipe Bandoliers, Indian Arts & Crafts Act, Crow Fair 2004 Parade., Cane Windbreaks for Tipis, Southern Cheyenne moccasins, Interview with Jim Boyd.
No. 3 - Blackfeet Holy Shirt construction, Indian Trail Trees, Sewing fabric fringe, Blackfeet Men, 1889, Cheyenne women's moccasins, Otter Trail, An interview with Paul Goble.
No. 6 - Top Hats on the Plains, Chief's Pipe (Historical photos), Hair plumes, Kiowa Leggings, Tichiya Amet, Ladie's Southern Buckskin Photos.
No. 1 - Beaded Roach Spreaders, Northern Plains Loop Necklaces, Cheyenne Boots, Cheyenne Peace Chiefs, Lakota Style Vest, Chicken Dancers 2006.
No. 3 - Tulip Bags, Lean Bear's Shirt, Swampy Cree Beaded Mukluks, Native American textiles, Contest Rules, Roach Stick, Cheyenne Moccasins, Big City Indians.
No. 5 - Blackfeet Cradle, Northern Cree moccasins, Men's Aprons, Origins of the Jingle Dress Dance, Online Fakes, Jingle Dress 2007 Fashions.
No. 6 - Ojibwa Moccasins, Cherokee Gospel Songs, 19th Century Southeren Plains images, Feather Hair Clip, NMAI dress exhibition, History of the term "Lazy Stitch" beadwork, More about on-line fakes, Men's Fancy Dance 2007 Fashions.
No. 2 - Northern Plains Grass Dance Harness (19th century), Nez Perce Moccasins, Quillworker's Bladder Envelopes, Black Elk's Legacy, John Anderson Photos, Using Natural Sinew, Standoff Powwow, NAMMY 2007.
No. 3 - Subarctic Embroidery, Ute School (history), 1880s Lakota Women, Comanche Leggings, "All Around" Dance competition.
No. 3 - Calf Child's Pipebag, SubArctic Beadwork, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Moccasins Part 1, 1868 Crows at Ft. Laramie (Part 3), A Grass Dancer's Outfit, "The Arctic Fox" (Far North legend), Gabriel Ayala.
No. 6 - Making Contemporary Beaded Loop Necklaces, Ball and Pin Game (Northwest Culture), Apache Beaded Bags, Fred Olsen: Pioneer Photographer (historical photos of Hidasta, Mandans, Arikara) Part 3, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Moccasins Part 4. A Woman's Northern Style Regalia, Nathan Young IV biography.
VOLUME 38 on CD in PDF format, cover to cover, all 6 issues. - $27.95 (includes shipping & handling)
No. 1 - Making Ermine Tubes, Woodland War Club, Intermontane Women's High-Top Moccasins, Breechclout history in historical photos, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Maccasins Part 5, Chicken Dancer Fashions.
No. 2 - Totem Poles, A Sioux Shirt, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Maccasins Part 6, Cheyenne Style blanket.
No. 5 - Arapahoe Style Grouse Bustle, Black Wound: Interpretive Ledger Art, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Maccasins Part 8, Rolland Lutz 19th Century Photos (Part 2), PowwowFashions: Round Bustles, Holiday Celebrations
No. 6 - Atapaskan Beadwork, Native Americans in the Civil War, Thunderbird Designs on Cheyenne Maccasins Part 9, Tipi Exhibit at Brooklyn Museum, Crow 1873-1910 (historical photo analysis), Parade Gear at Pendleton 2010.
VOLUME 39 on CD in PDF format, cover to cover, all 6 issues. - $27.95 (includes shipping & handling)
No. 2 - Tribal Bead Colors, Dakota Pipe Bags, Tribal Flag Songs, Black Bird's War Shirt, Eiteljorg Museum, Women't Traditional fashions.
No. 3 - Iroquois Crown Style Caps, Nez Perce Elk Bag, Attaching Vamp Fringe, Rolland Lutz Dakota Photos, Nebraska Museums, Beaded Crowns.
No. 4 - Beaded "Indian Princess" Crowns, Roach Spreaders, Rolland Lutz Dakota Photos, Southern Ladies' Beaded Crowns.
No. 5 - Buying German Silver Work - Part 1, Plains Horse Bonnets, Comanche Code Talkers, Southwest Pottern Water Jars.
No. 6 - Buying German Silver Work - Part 2, American Indian Easter Eggs, Wing Fans, Native Americans in Movies, SW Buffalo Dancers, Chicken Dancers 2012.
Volume 40 on CD in PDF format, cover to cover, all 6 issues.—$27.95 (includes shipping & handling)
No. 1 - Decorated Moccasin Tongues, Athapaskan Beaded case, Fur Fabric Turban, Stick Game, Nelson-Aikens Museum, Red Cloud's Pipebag, Original Straight Dancers.
No. 2 - A Stoney Outfit, Plateau Necklaces, Female Status Among 19th century Iroquois Women, Sitting Eagle of the Stoneys (Glimpses), Traditional Men's Dance Bustles (PowwowFahions).
No. 3 - Dragonfly Designs, Pictorial Knife Sheath, Ojibwa Man's Dance Shirt, Pair of Northern Plains Moccasins, Shoshone Family 1870s, Alaska Naming, Ladies' Tradtions (PowwowFashions), Bill Janis profile.
No. 4 - Iroquois Purse, Olivella Shells, George Catlin Exhibition, Hopi Snake Clan, c.1900, Ladies’ Traditional.
No. 5 – Potawatomi Bandoliers, Ankle Bells, Women of the Southwest (historical photos), Iroquois & Art of Tattoos, Bells (PowwowFashions).
No. 6 – Gourd Dance Sash, Dragonfly Shield, Blackfoot Style War Shirt, Okmulgee May 1875, Standing Chief Dance Hall, Men’s Bonnets (PowwowFashions).
Volume 41 on CD in PDF format, cover to cover, all 6 issues.—$27.95 (includes shipping & handling)
No. 1 – Iroquois in 19th Century Medicine Shows, Dakota Stone Head Wand, The Lone Ranger, Oglalas in Wild West Shows 1925, Men’s Hair Roaches (PowwowFashions)
No. 2 – Seminole Plain Shirt, Innu Doll, Bags of Lake Lena, Plains Indian Leader (Exhibition at Cowgirl Museum), Pueblo Dancers, Horse Parade at Crow Fair 2013
No. 3 – Plains Women’s Work Bags, Attaching Quilled Strips to Feathers, Tipi Maker’s Bundle, The Indian Congress 1898, Cheyenne Style Cradle Board, Horsetail Dancers.
No. 4 – Northeastern Souvenir Art, Crow Lance & Case?, Stick Game Bones, Buffalo Bill in Scotland, Arapaho Style Moccasins, Jingle Dancer 2014.
No. 5 – Beaded Rosettes, Tipi Maker’s Bundle, Big Child c. 1880, Following in Dad’s Footsteps (PowwowFashions).
No. 6— Basket Hats (construction & historical images), Seneca-Iroquois 1890 Moccasins.
No. 1 – Applying Metal Spots to Leather, Traditional Abenaki Beadwork, Fort Mims, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Exhibition The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky, 1901 Sioux Performers, Plateau Parade (PowwowFashions).
No. 2 - Beaded Stethoscopes, How to tie on a hair roach, Hair Roach Harness, Mohican history, 1904 Sioux Performers, Women's Hat & Bot dance, A Funeral in Indian Country.
No. 3 - Spiral Quirts, Yanktonai Beadwork, Early Osage Dancers, Ironwood Carvings, Sioux Style Shirt, Men's War Bonnet (PowwowFashions), Bonnie Crawler Smith
No. 4 - 1890s Cheyenne Style Moccasins, Sioux Beaded Neckties, Blood Style Umbilical Amulet, Bureau of Catholic Indian Mision Records: A History, Circa 1867 Cheyenne Women, Ribbon Dresses: PowwowFashions
No. 5 - Yakama Beaded Outfit, First Modern Choctaw Chief, Lakota Phrophecy, Use of Chokecherry Bark, Yakama Chief Charley Jobe, Michael Adams, Artist Interview, Team Dance
No. 6 - OUT OF PRINT / Faux Ermine Tails, Athabaskan Basket, Parfleche Bustle, Painted Hide, Tipi With Battle Pictures, White Bull's Shirt, N-Don Interview.

No. 1 - Seminole Buckskin Leggings, A Pair of Blackfoot Leggings, Red Moon (Cheyenne) Moccasins, Blackfeet Style Doll, Gourd (Peyote) Stitch Patterns, Crow Camps (historical images by Richard Throssell, Thanksgiving Potlatch, Beaded Capes (PowwowFashions).
No. 2 - ISSUE 300! Grizzly Claw Necklaces, Cheyenne Style Moccasins, Making Bear Claws from Natural Material, Washington Delegations 1857-1858, Winnebago Bear Claw Necklace, "All Around" Dance Specials.
No. 3 - Contoured Beadwork, Southern Cheyenne Moccasins with Fringe, Indian Images in Advertising 1880s-1920, Crow Camps (Glimpses), Black Hills Powwow 2015 (PowwowFashions).
No. 4 - Plateau Floral Beadwork, Chandler's Pawnee Style Bear Claw Necklace, Kiowa Moccasins with Fringe, Crow Camps (Glimpses), Women's Fancy Shawl (PowwowFashions).

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